A quick macro for closing multiple Safari tabs

As every sane person, when I dive into some topic the biggest toll is on the number of Safari browser tabs. When I am finished with the topic, I end up with a bunch of tabs. To get back to a clean-slate Safari I have to open new tab, switch back to the old tabs and close them one by one1. For me this was a hassle and that means it was a problem too big to ignore.

So, as always, I took KeyboardMaestro's help.

I prepared a macro that does a very nifty thing. When I hit my pre-assigned hot key, all the tabs are magically closed and at the end of the process a new tab remains waiting for my whims.

Pretty neat, right?

Check out the macro for yourself by downloading it from here.

Check out the gif for a visual example.

safari tab closing

PS – I will be posting macros now and then so make sure to subscribe for updates.

PPS – If anyone has some kind of hiccup in their workflow, trust me KeyboardMaestro has the answer. If you can't figure out the macro creation for yourself just give me a shout out on twitter or via the contact page of this blog. I will be happy to create and post the solution for you. Maybe someone else would also benefit from it. Cheers.

  1. I use all mac apps in fullscreen mode. So getting out of that full screen, hitting the red button to close the entire window, hitting cmd+N and again going full screen is out of the question.

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